The right talk at the right time can make all The Difference.

The Difference is the first on-demand therapy service for corporations and communities.

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Everyone deserves someone to talk to on a bad day.

The Difference is the only service for same-day support sessions with real therapists.

Call us anytime from 9am to midnight EST.

Mental health is the ultimate flex, and now it’s the ultimate perk!

No insurance? No problem! You can now provide your membership with easy access to an empowering service.

How to Get
The Difference

I’m a member of a community that should offer TheDifference, and I’d like to make an introduction.

I’m a leader who would like to offer The Difference to my community or organization.

I’m a philanthropist who would like to sponsor an organization so their members can have support services.

You can do better than free coffee

The Difference is for coworking spaces and professional communities who care about their people.